The Legend of KOKOPELLI (kô kô peĺ lL)
The humpbacked flute player is a symbol of fertility, replenishment, music and dance.
The mysterious KOKOPELLI character is found in a number of native American cultures. The figure represents a spirit of music. KOKOPELLI is distinguished by his dance pose, a hunchback, and flute. His whimsical nature, charitable deeds, and vital spirit give him a prominent position in native American mysticism.
KOKOPELLI has been a sacred figure to native Americans of the southwestern United States for thousands of years, found painted and carved on rock walls and boulders throughout the region.
His "hump" was often considered a bag of gifts, a sack carrying the seeds of plants and flowers he would scatter every spring. Warming the earth by playing his flute and singing his songs, KOKOPELLI would melt the winter snow and create rain, ensuring a good harvest.

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